All You Can INK Tattoo Studio has been in Spokane since 2014. Of course, back then we were known as “Project 2:24.”

In June of that year, we came up with the idea to give our customers a full day of tattooing for one low price and called it our “All You Can Ink” special. It was well received.

With such a welcoming response, we renamed our business to reflect what we do best – All You Can INK!

Jasen, the tattoo artist, specializes in hand drawn realism, black and grey, and portraits. He’s best known for his animals but enjoys working on a variety of work.

His wife, Patricia, runs the business side of things – managing calls, emails, social media, and the website. She’s the woman behind the man.

This husband-and-wife team is just another example of All You Can INK being “not your average tattoo shop.”

Ready to get started? Let’s go!