You Got Questions? We Got Answers.

How Much Does A Tattoo Cost?

Depends on what you want. We price by the piece, and we have an all-day special.

What Is Your Shop Minimum?

Our shop minimum is $75 per person.

How Do I Schedule A Consultation?

No need for a “formal” “in-person” get-together. Consults can be low-key. Simply text us describing what you’re after or send us a detailed message on Facebook. Let’s talk!

How Do I Schedule An Appointment?

Call, text, message, or email us. We’ll take care of you.

Do You Require A Deposit?

Yes. We take a $50 deposit to guarantee your appointment time. So long as you show up for your appointment, the deposit goes toward the tattoo balance.

Is The Deposit Refundable?

No. But we understand that life happens – if you can’t make your appointment, give us a heads up. We’ll most likely transfer your deposit to a different day within the month.

Is There Anything Else I Should Do?

Show up. If you’re going to be late, call us and let us know. Clients more than 20 minutes late are considered no-shows – we’ll have to move onto the next appointment in the schedule. In general: be courteous.

What Is The Tattoo Process Like?

Jasen usually hand draws his tattoos directly on the skin. He’ll do this with a marker after cleaning and shaving the area. You’ll be able to see the drawing and approve the design before he begins tattooing with a needle. Tattoos don’t usually “hurt,” but they have been likened to an annoying scratch or irritating bug bite. It just depends on your pain tolerance as well as the location of the tattoo.

How Do I Care For My Tattoo?

The healing process usually takes 7-10 days. While it heals, keep it clean by washing with soap and water 2-3 times a day. Keep it moisturized with a thin layer of something like Bert’s Bees Hand Salve. Vaseline is used during the tattoo process, so you can use Vaseline as an alternative if you can’t find Bert’s Bees Hand Salve. Stay out of the sun. Don’t soak the tattoo (sauna, bathtub) until it’s done healing.

What Are Warning Signs That There’s A Problem?

It is normal for the tattooed area to be slightly red and a little swollen just after getting a tattoo. However, if the tattoo is significantly red, puffy, or develops a puss, it may be infected. Contact us immediately so we can see what’s going on.

Do You Offer Touch Ups?

We offer ONE FREE TOUCH UP APPOINTMENT within 90 days of getting the tattoo IF 1) Your tattoo is fully healed, 2) Your tattoo needs touched up, 3) Your tattoo is not on your hand or fingers, and 4) You show up for your touch up appointment. If you meet all the criteria above, we’d be happy to touch up your tattoo for free.

Why Don’t Hand / Finger Tattoos Qualify For Free Touch Ups?

Hand and finger tattoos are not guaranteed with free touch ups because those body parts are exposed to very rough conditions – long sun exposure, strenuous manual labor, constant rubbing, etc. Expect to pay our shop minimum of $75 if touch ups are needed.

What If It’s Been Longer Than 90 Days?

If you would like to make some improvements or alterations to your tattoo and it’s been a long time (more than 90 days), we’d be happy to help you for a minimal cost. You’d be looking at $75 to $150, depending on what needs done.

Do You Touch Up / Finish Other Tattoo Artist’s Work?

Yes! We don’t care if you have an unfinished tattoo from a local artist or from a shop in Alabama. We’d love to help you get something more in line with what you originally wanted. Expect to pay our shop minimum of $75 for simple touch ups. Or we’ll price out the piece for you, if completing the tattoo is a bigger job.