Google Us – Search “Tattoo Shops in Boise”

We ask every tattoo client that comes walking into our tattoo shop how they heard about us. Almost always, the answer is, “I found you on Google.”

This is good news! As Google is the largest search engine in the country, we utilize it every day. And we rely on our clients to not only find us on Google but be saturated with who we are. When you search, “tattoo shops in Boise” or “Boise tattoo artists,” All You Can INK should pop up.

What makes us so special?

One word: transparency.

We have a habit of being honest with our tattoo clients… even before they become paying clients. We’ll help you with the tattoo design, give you fair pricing, and offer an opportunity to go shop around and see what other tattoo shops say. Most importantly, we’ll respond to your inquiry. Fast.

What tattoo are you wanting to get? Let us know.